About Us

Malice Cosmetics by Maria Okan! 

Welcome to Malice Cosmetics by Maria Okan! Malice Cosmetics is founded by media personality Maria Okan! She’s created a range of matte liquid lipstick and gloss shades that flatter and accentuate the fuller lip.

Product Description

Our range of  matte liquid lipsticks and glosses offer smooth, lightweight products that glide on easily. Our non-cracking, non-crumbling formula is also highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way! Just twist, glide and dry, then you're poppin! 

A Word From Maria

Lipstick is my FAVE make-up item - totally ironic considering I used to HATE my lips! From hating them in school for being too big, to now showing them off in practically every lip colour under the rainbow; I now present to you... Malice Cosmetics by Maria Okan! A carefully crafted lipstick formula that’s vibrant in colour, smooth in texture and animal-cruelty free. The colours, are sassy, sexy, YET classy and look GORGEOUS on all lip shapes and sizes!!!